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We believe that employees are a company’s greatest asset and should be treated as such. Our experienced team of agents will find the best, most tax-effecient plan for you so that you can save money while providing your employees with the coverage that they deserve. Let us handle the burden so that you can focus on running your business.

What is Group Health?

Business owners are given the opportunity to insure their employees by offering group health insurance policies. These policies may cover part or all of the employees’ insurance premiums as well as granting tax credits to the employer.

The Benefits of Choosing Group Health

Tax Credits

Business owners may be eligible for tax credits based on the number of employees and the amount of the premium that the company covers. For example, business that employee less than 25 full-time-equivalent individuals that average less than $50,000 yearly earning and pay at least have of the premium may be eligible for up to 50% in tax credits. Speak to your Murray Insurance expert to ensure that you’re getting the most tax credits than you can.

Avoid Penalties

With healthcare changes like the Affordable Care Act, business owners have many new circumstances to consider. Some large businesses may face penalties for failing to offer coverage to employees. Make sure that you have consulted your Murray Insurance expert before making any group health decisions to avoid unnecessary penalties.

BlueOptions Coverage Options

Expensive healthcare makes it difficult for lower-level employees to afford quality policies for themselves and their families. Now, employees look to their employers to help them with these costs. With the BlueOptions℠ family of plans, employees gain more than 40 choices of affordable BlueOptions℠ plans.

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Many of our group health plans offer options including:

Care Support Programs

Easy access to personal health coaches, and a wealth of information and tools designed to help you make the right hospital, physician and care choices.

Award Winning Customer Service

Awarded Highest Member Satisfaction with Commercial Health Plans in the South by J.D. Power and Associates.

BlueCard® Program

Access to a worldwide network of providers and organizations is available with the BlueCard®.


Allow your employees to communicate with physicians and offices via the web.

Ease of Administration

Streamlined enrollment and renewal processing make this hassle-free for you and your employees.

Discounts on Special Services

Your employees can save on services like LASIKsurgery, hearing aids, alternative medicine, bikehelmets, fitness club memberships and more.

24/7 Coverage

24-hour online member self-service as well as resources to make informed health choices.

Additional Products and Services

Reimbursement Accounts, BlueDental® Plans,Life Essentials basic life insurance, BlueRestore short-term disability plans and more.

We Can Help You Find the Right Policy

Instead of trying to navigate the confusing insurance marketplace alone, contact us today to request help from our experienced team of agents. We understand the ins and outs of the industry and will be able to help you find the final expense plan that’s right for you and your employees. Oh, and our expert advice is always free.

Step 1: Contact an Agent

Our expert team of agents is awaiting your phone call. We have served over 150,000 Floridians, like you, in the past 30 years.

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Your agent will work with you, explaining all of your options and giving their expert advice to find the perfect plan that fits all of your needs.

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