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Group Health

In these unusual economic times businesses are faced with many new financial challenges. Not the least of which is how to deal with health insurance benefits for their valuable employees. A major issue for business is always the cost and scope of group insurance. The business has a budget to meet; employees need health insurance to protect themselves from the high cost of health care.

Choosing Group Health

Deciding to offer health insurance and selecting which options to provide are big steps for any business, big or small. Especially with healthcare changes like the Affordable Care Act, business owners have many circumstances to consider. For example, if you own a larger business, you may face penalties for failing to offer coverage to your employees.

Tax Credits for Employers

As a business owner, you may choose to pay the entire premium on behalf of your employees, or just a portion. Small businesses may be eligible for up to 50% in tax credits if they cover at least half of the premium and employ less than 25 full-time-equivalent individuals who average less than $50,000 earnings each year. To learn more about all of your premium costs and options, speak with a health insurance expert.

BlueOptions Coverage Options

No two businesses are the same, and it’s important to reflect that in the options for group coverage. With the BlueOptions℠ family of plans offered by Murray Insurance, businesses have options to cater to the intricacies of their company. There are more than 40 choices of BlueOptions plans that offer your employees choice, affordability and freedom to control their total health benefit experience.

Many of our group health plans offer options including:

Care Support Programs – Easy access to personal health coaches, and a wealth of information and tools designed to help you make the right hospital, physician and care choices.

BlueCard® Program – Access to a worldwide network of providers and organizations is available with the BlueCard®.

Ease of Administration – Streamlined enrollment and renewal processing make this hassle-free for you and your employees.

24/7 Coverage – 24-hour online member self-service as well as resources to make informed health choices.

Award Winning Customer Service – Awarded Highest Member Satisfaction with Commercial Health Plans in the South by J.D. Power and Associates.

E-Medicine – Allow your employees to communicate with physicians and offices via the web.

Discounts on Special Services – Your employees can save on services like LASIKsurgery, hearing aids, alternative medicine, bikehelmets, fitness club memberships and more.

Additional Products and Services – Reimbursement Accounts, BlueDental® Plans,Life Essentials basic life insurance, BlueRestore short-term disability plans and more.

Call Murray Insurance Today

For nearly 30 years Murray Insurance Agency has assisted small businesses with their employee health insurance benefits. And today – in addition to knowledge, experience and expertise – innovation and imagination are vital in finding cost effective solutions to the challenges faced. Murray Insurance Agency is the health insurance company that has it all. Contact us today.

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