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Navigating the increasingly confusing insurance marketplace alone may become stressful and time-consuming. Our experienced team of agents have an understanding of all situations and options, so they can help you find the right plan for you and your family.

What is Life Insurance?

After someone passes away, their family and loved ones are often left with a plethora of expenses to cover, especially if the person was the main source of income for the family. Life insurance provides a death benefit to a specified beneficiary that can be used to cover these expenses and lost income.


Riders are additional benefits that may be added onto a life insurance policy for an additional cost. Some common riders are those covering disabilities, accidental deaths, and accelerated benefits which allows the policyholder to receive the proceeds early in certain circumstances, such as terminal illness.

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There are two types of life insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Designed and priced to carry coverage for an extended period of time, permanent life insurance is the best plan for most people. As long as you’re settled down with a steady income, permanent life insurance will most likely be your best bet, especially if you have one or more people depending on you.

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Term Life Insurance

The less expensive option, term life insurance is generally designed to be carried for a specified period until a permanent life insurance policy can be purchased. This is a viable option for recent-grads without full-time jobs or those that have recently become unemployed.

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What is Variable Life Insurance?

Variable life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance. Like other forms of permanent life insurance, variable life insurance provides lifelong protection for the families of policyholders, paying a death benefit in the case of a policyholder’s demise. However, variable life insurance also allows policyholders to allocate premiums among a variety of investments that may reap greater (or lesser) dividends than standard policies.

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