Meditation is beginning to be recognized more and more as a legitimate health boosting practice, with many studies supporting its benefits. Meditation is free and is easy for most people to do at home on their own time, so it’s something that absolutely anyone could benefit from. With many studies beginning to back the anecdotal evidence that meditation advocates have touted for years, some doctors are now even starting to recommend meditation.

Helps to Control Stress

The most immediate benefit of meditation that most people report is an enhanced ability to control stress. Meditation serves to strengthen the mind by giving it an active rest. Neuroscientists have found that meditating can actually change the structure of the brain, thickening some areas and altering the way that we deal with different situations.

Decreases Depression Risks

In a Belgian study involving 400 students, it was found that involvement in a mediation program reduced indications of depression for up to six months. Other studies have found that meditation has helped to curb depression symptoms in those suffering from the disorder. While meditation should not be seen as a “cure” for depression, it may help as part of a program when combined with other treatments.

Can Reduce Blood Pressure

The breathing techniques used in some types of meditation have shown to help expand blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely and reducing blood pressure. Some studies have resulted in participants being able to reduce medications after meditating regularly for a period of time. If meditation is used in an effort to reduce blood pressure that has been noted as high, a doctor should supervise signs to document effectiveness.

May Help to Relieve Pain

Some patients suffering from chronic pain have reported an enhanced ability to deal with pain or a reduction in pain sensations. Meditation has been found to increase mindfulness and it is this mindfulness that is thought to improve the ability to handle pain. With proper supervision by a doctor, mediation may help to reduce dependence on pain medications.

Improves Immune Health

Meditation has been found to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Since inflammation is part of the immune response, this reduction in inflammation can allow the immune system to better deal with actual threats to health. This can result in improved immune system health and better overall resistance to pathogens.

Meditation may be beneficial to health, but should not be used to actually treat health conditions without the recommendation and supervision of a doctor. If you need health insurance so that you can ask a doctor about the best way to treat a health condition, call 855-440-2292 and talk to one of our experienced insurance agents today.