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Short Term Medical Insurance

Keep your mind at ease and health covered, with a Short Term Medical Insurance Policy. Never let a health coverage gap or wait be cause for concern. Get covered until your new policy starts or your situation changes.

What is Short Term Medical Insurance?

Short Term Medical Insurance is designed for individuals going through life changes and transitions that leave them without insurance coverage for a short period of time. When transitioning through life changes that leave you between health insurance coverage, Short Term Medical Insurance keeps you and your family covered.

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Why Get Short Term Medical?

Different Options

Under a short term medical insurance policy, individuals may select different coverage periods, deductible amounts, and even child-only coverage if applicable. This sort of decision-making isn’t available in long-term policies.

Wide Coverage

Short term medical insurance policyholders have the right to select any hospital or doctor. Certain plans may also cover preventative care and home health care, giving you plenty of options for coverage.


Short term medical insurance is generally less expensive than other types of insurance coverage, especially during transitional periods, such as between jobs or after graduating college.

Covers Insurance Gaps

During transitional periods, such as between jobs or after graduating college, a short term policy covers you during the transition and is flexible to extend if needed.

Year Round

Unlike some health insurance plans, Short Term medical insurance does not have a waiting period to apply. That means you can apply for a Short Term policy year-round, whenever you need coverage.

Fast Coverage

Once you are approved, in most cases coverage starts the very next day. Short Term health insurance is the answer for speed and coverage now, when waiting for coverage is not an option.

Coverage from 30 Days to 12 Months

While waiting on your new health insurance coverage to begin, a Short Term Insurance policy will protect you in the short term. Whether for days or months, policies start as short at 30 days and going up to 12 months long. Short Term Insurance is a policy where you set the terms, define the benefits, and design a policy based on the premium and deductible that works for you.

Getting Covered with Short Term Medical

Like typical health insurance policies, a Short Term health insurance policy will help you cover qualifying medical expenses but will provide coverage while you are between health insurance plans.

Short Term Health insurance covers qualifying out-of-pocket health expenses, hospitalization, doctor visits, and can be obtained year-round. With coverage usually starting the day after approval, a Short Term Health Insurance is coverage on your terms, when other plans require you to wait or won’t cover you.

How Cost Sharing Works

Whether short term or traditional, health insurance plans entail sharing medical expenses. These costs are shared between policyholder and insurer with usually the percentage, maximum, or fee defined in the insurance policy.

Paying your premium pays for your coverage, but doesn’t cover your medical bills. Copayments, Deductibles, Coinsurance, and Out-of-Pocket expenses are separate expenses:

Copayment:Deductible:Coinsurance:Out-of-Pocket Maximum:
Dollar amount that must be paid for prescriptions, doctor visit, or certain medical expenses ($20 as an example)Specified dollar amount that must first be paid toward the medical bill for insurance to cover the restOften comes into play after deductible, percentage of the total covered costs both parties are responsible forMost called upon to pay out-of-pocket toward medical expenses

Dollar amount that must be paid for prescriptions, doctor visit, or certain medical expenses ($20 as an example)


Specified dollar amount that must first be paid toward the medical bill for insurance to cover the rest


Often comes into play after deductible, percentage of the total covered costs both parties are responsible for

Out-of-Pocket Maximum:

Most called upon to pay out-of-pocket toward medical expenses

Why Get Short Term Health Insurance?

When life leaves you between health insurance coverage, a Short Term health insurance policy provides coverage when you need it without the wait. If you are healthy and well, secure an affordable low-cost premium by choosing a high deductible short term health insurance plan, or if you have a high level of plan or recurring medical expenses, choose a higher premium to lower your deductible.

  • Illness and injury can strike unexpectedly
  • Don’t get stuck paying the full cost of medical bills on your own
  • A short term insurance policy can help, whether you’re between insurance policies, or at a transition point in life, get covered anytime, without the wait

Don’t let an emergency catch you off guard. Speak with one of our agents on getting a short term insurance plan for you and your family today.

When Life Changes, So Should Your Coverage

Switching jobs and learn you won’t be covered? Between jobs and seeking employment? If your current employer does not provided medical or group Health Insurance, or if you are between jobs, have no fear, as we are here to help! Speak with one of our agents to learn which Health Insurance policy is right for you. Because whether it’s for the short term, long term, or life, Murray insurance Agency is here to help.

When Is a Short Term Health Insurance Plan Right For You?

Consider a Short Term Health Insurance policy if you are under 65 and in Good Health or find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Adulthood – no longer covered by parents’ policy
  • Affordable Care Act – waiting for your Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage to commence
  • COBRA Insurance – Need a temporary alternative to Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) insurance
  • Career Change – switching jobs and waiting for coverage to begin
  • Divorce – lose coverage following a divorce
  • Graduated – recently graduated from college or school
  • Open or Special Enrollment – If you have missed Open Enrollment and do not qualify for Special Enrollment
  • Medicare –waiting on Medicare coverage
  • Unemployed – coverage for when you are in-between jobs

How To Save On Short Term Health Insurance Plans

A short term insurance plan will tide you over while you are between plans, but it may also leave you liable for ACA tax penalties on your federal income taxes. By not meeting the minimum insurance coverage requirement outlined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and federal government, a Short Term Health Insurance Policy requires diligence and help to get the most while paying less.

Save on your Short Term Health Insurance plan by:

  1. Getting A Higher Deductible: this will reduce your premium
  2. Pay Total Premium Up Front: Save up to 25% by paying your total premium amount for your policy over the life of the policy front, versus monthly payments
  3. Fewer Benefit: Select only the benefits you need, because less coverage can result in a lower premium
    Select the Per Cause Deductible Option: Pay your deductible as they come, instead of for your whole term, which can reduce your premium up to 10%
  4. Premium Refund: Get coverage for the length of time you need it, but your refund if you new plan starts before your short term coverage ends
  5. Network of Care: Save money by only using health care providers that are in your your network, and take advantage of lower fees
When Is A High-Deductible Health Plan Right For You?

Getting a lower premium by choosing a high-deductible health insurance plan means greater out-of-pocket costs, but makes sense if you:

  • Rarely get sick or injured
  • Are healthy and in good shape
  • Can afford to pay deductible amount upfront, or within 30 days
  • Can make significant contributions into an HSA monthly, or are not interested in an HSA due to good health
When Is A Low or No-Deductible Health Plan Right For You?

Although it requires paying a higher premium, a low-to-no deductible plan makes health expenses easier to predict and control. A decision that is better for most consumers in the long run, consider a low to no-deductible short term plan if you:

  • Can cover the high premium – without paying your premium, you aren’t covered, so choose a High-deductible plan to not risk losing coverage altogether
  • Have a chronic health condition and frequently visit doctors
  • Are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or have small children
  • Have several prescription medications (or just one expense one)
  • Have children that play sports (especially high risk sports for injury)
  • Are considering knee or hip replacement, or other reparative surgery
ACA Penalties & How A Short Term Plan Differs From Regular Health Insurance (or ACA Approved) Plan

When considering Short Term Health Insurance, it is important to note that it differs to regular insurance in a number of ways.

  1. Limited:
    • Primarily intended to provide financial protection for out-of-pocket costs from unexpected injury or hospitalization
    • May not cover certain prescription drugs
    • Usually does not cover maternity care
    • Typically does not cover pre-existing medical conditions
    • A limit is placed on the policy for covering qualified medical expenses
  2. Affordable Care Act Standard
    • Rules for the Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), does not apply to this type of insurance plan
  3. Tax Penalties
    • This plan provides great coverage for temporary needs, but not when it comes to taxes
    • Your federal tax return will require looking into ACA penalties, that can apply for being under-insured when on a short term insurance plan
  4. Coverage Not Guaranteed
    • When applying, you might be denied due to pre-existing medical conditions or history
    • Our “Guaranteed Issue Short Term Health Insurance Policy” means your application can be approved, regardless of your medical history

Trying to understand if Short Term Medical is right for you can be difficult and time-consuming to define and apply for the right policy. Our experienced team is here free of charge to help you define which Short Term Health Policy is best for you and your family.

ACA Tax Penalty Exemptions

You may be eligible to waive tax penalties that can be incurred when on a short term insurance plan when you:

  • Applied for but was denied Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage
  • Have gone under three months without ACA approved health coverage during year
  • Are experiencing hardships: bankruptcy, homelessness, medical expense debts, etc
  • Have income below the tax threshold, so didn’t file taxes
    Have coverage that would cost more than 8% of your household’s income

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