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Short Term Medical

Short term medical insurance is medical insurance that is designed for those that are going through life changes and have been left without insurance coverage. Short term medical insurance plans may range from 30 days to 6 months or 12 months. Plans are not for those that wish to purchase long term coverage, but rather for those that wish to have coverage through a transitional period. Murray Insurance Agency can provide assistance with selecting the plan that best fits policy holders’ needs.

Who Needs Short Term Medical Insurance?

People in certain situations may benefit more from short term medical insurance than others. Students that have graduated and have not yet found a job that offers health insurance coverage may benefit from short term medical coverage. Those that have recently become unemployed or are between jobs and those that are waiting on medical insurance at a new job to begin may benefit. Early retirees and young adults that have just reached the age to no longer be covered under a parent’s insurance plan may also find short term medical insurance to be beneficial.

Selecting Short Term Medical Insurance

Murray Insurance Agency offers several different short term medical insurance plans. Individuals may select different coverage periods, deductible amounts, and even child-only coverage if applicable. Deductibles may be as low as $250 or as high as $5000, which will affect premium amounts. Eligible dependents such as spouses and children may also be covered under short term medical insurance policies.

Using Short Term Medical Insurance

Under a short term medical insurance plan, policy holders have the right to select any hospital or doctor. Certain plans may cover preventative care and home health care. Plans do not cover pregnancy or childbirth, however. Policy holders should also be aware that injuries or illnesses that cause claims to be filed under short term medical insurance may be considered pre-existing conditions when applying for individual insurance coverage.

Short Term Medical Insurance Benefits

Short term medical insurance is generally less expensive than other types of insurance coverage. Policy holders may save money if unexpected medical events occur during transitional periods, such as between jobs or after graduating college. This can help to salvage credit and prevent medical bills for years to come. When preventative care is covered, policy holders may also seek care that helps to prevent health conditions or catch conditions in early stages, preserving the quality of life.

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